Job Description

  • Operation and Process Assurance

Coordinate with different teams in the division to build and improve internal process

Control the operation and execution of the process

  • Recruitment and Training

Participate in the recruitment process

Analyze resource data to evaluate resource performance. Work with leaders to build a development roadmap and appropriate training plan

Planning and developing training programs

Work with leaders/managers to standardize documents

  • Building the internal culture

Support the general operation of the Division to well implement the company’s common activities.

Support and develop internal programs to connect employees with others

  • General Support

Ensure the working environment and support other general operations from Division Manager


  • Good at English (~6.5 IELTS)
  • Bachelor’s degree is required and one year working experience in any field.
  • Skills: Problem solving, think out of the box
  • Ability to quickly adapt to the rapid change of team environment.
  • Ability to analyze data using excel, solve data-oriented problems
  • Ability to work independently and and as a part of team under pressure to come up with a creative solution
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills.
  • Active and decisive
  • Careful, meticulous & precise
  • Long-term commitment
  • Working experience as an operator or admin in a technology company is preferred.



  • Salary: 10-20M (Review after the first 2 months and every 6 months);
  • Seniority bonus, KPI bonus, birthday gift,…
  • Working directly with Division Manager and team leaders
  • Be strategic and make data-driven decisions
  • Free tea & coffee & borrow books;
  • Office with a great view from the 20th floor and creative workplace design (massage chair, PS5…);
  • The State statutory holidays and collective activities (team building, picnics, travel…) organized by the Company;
  • Monthly in-house coaching and mentor programs;
  • Working hours are 5 days/week (Monday to Friday);
  • Advancement opportunities are available;
  • Other benefits according to the provisions of the Company and the Labor Code.